Communication Design

Zlatina Valova

Zlatina Valova has two main projects that shape her presentation. An Illustration series titled “Contemporary feelings.” -and a Type Design project titled “The Letter as Image.”

With the Illustrations, she was interested in the ‘frame’ as an element that provides depth and rhythm. The running theme is a question:

‘If contemporary times; the accompanying contemporary feelings were condensed within a frame, how would that look?’ -the objective is to provoke thought about one’s life in the moment.

The Type project is meant to form an Album of individual letterforms. Each letter nuanced with the impulse of instantaneous gesture- movement, shape, spontaneity.The main influence is calligraphic, and the visual inventions of abstract shapes within the Album that invoke an association with the corresponding letters, create an opportunity for the letter to be treated in its pictorial sensibility.

The Mock-Up for the Album is supposed to be placed on a wall much like a painting.

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