Sophie Brown

Sophie Brown’s practice is concerned with the formation of Toxic Masculinity within Western society, with particular focus on the study of individuals who have gained large-scale media attention following the #MeToo Movement, such as Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein as well as focus on various serial killers and sexual sadists within the scope of sexual abuse and violence.

With thoughts of moving away from literal depiction, Brown works with the remit of the Abject.

Her pieces disembody features of the face and body to seek expansion on the distorted depiction of the grotesqueness of these crimes, by exploring the visually uncomfortable. This allows for the depersonalisation and removal of identity from the person the work is discussing.

The mask and costume are used as a reoccurring metaphor throughout much of her work, providing a very real and jarring quality, symbolic of the deception and concealment of horrific crimes and injustices.

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