Contemporary Art Practice

Shae Myles


RGU Art and Heritage 2020 Purchase Award Nominee

bp Fine Art Award Nominee

Shae Myles is a contemporary artist indulging in the delicious, gooey pleasures of food and sex. Myles’ practice sets out to highlight the parallels between these two pleasures.

Her research stems from a fascination of psychosexual analysis, as well as the hybrid narratives present on the internet, which take place in the forms of fetish and food porn. Ideas of excess, mess and ritual are embedded in her visuals, which typically take the form of video, photography, installation, performance and illustration.

Food and sex act as irresistible lenses through which to explore one another, as there is a sense of care, passion and consumption at the forefront of both. Myles’ practice considers the ways in which these concealed similarities exist, bringing to the forefront the reality of our most secret, mouth-watering pleasures.

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