Contemporary Art Practice

Rory Brown

While looking and taking in these four final products your goal is to get to the end of each maze. The maze is a story through Rory Brown’s life/lifes and what he has made of himself so far in the world we live. This ranges from jobs, education, locations to hobbies.

At first glance an emotion will come to your mind, which he encourages you to keep the whole duration of your attempt to complete the story/maze. While doing this thoughts may come into light and will be accompanied with his which are the paper your observing…

Once completed the maze, if you can finish, write down your thoughts on what has come to your knowledge and accompany it with what you think the artist’s are. After looking at these products multiple times you will create your own story or maze, let Rory know what you get and he’ll give yourself a Yes or No answer.

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