Lindsay Gavine

Following her experience as a support worker, Lindsay Gavine decided to use her practise to explore the autistic perception as experienced by women and girls, often undiagnosed and unrecognised. She uses various comparative archetypes and analogies derived from ancient Greek mythology and culture to use as story-telling tools.

The earlier matriarchal style of worshipping in Greece did not include boundaries between the sacred and profane, doctrine, or temple. Matriarchal worship valued everything. This is something which Gavine found comparative to “autistic perception”. This non-hierarchical mode of thinking, way of seeing assisted her in the formation of compositions. 

The forests twisted branches are alive. The water is moving, changeable. These paintings have become cinematic images of fantasy, ancient lore with a contemporary feel. She hopes we can share this awkwardness, this intense emotional depth, that we all can share this unique perspective when we look at the works.

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