Leila Donald

For her personal photographic project this year, Leila Donald has produced a series of images encapsulating the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi Sabi.

This aesthetic reflects the impermanence of being, along with imperfections, irregularities, and has an organic, bespoke and rustic palette.

Wabi Sabi as such cannot be defined in words or by rational thought. It is heart lead and often intuitive.

Serendipity is a key component of this work.

These images produced were in response to the recent death of the photographer’s mother. The work makes reference to the fragility of life.

The photographer uses a daily creative working practice to record her emotions and thoughts through visual imagery.

Donald believes that there is no good or bad – all is as IS.

This viewpoint is reflected through her working methods. The images produced are vague, often defocussed and ethereal.

It is through the use of Holga lenses which produces images which often have light leaks, distortions and vignetting. This allows the images to carry a softness which is complementary to the aesthetic of Wabi Sabi.

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