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Katy Shewan

During her time at Gray’s, Katy Shewan explored many disciplines, learnt new skills and experimented with her style. However this year she found herself coming back to film, something that she had always considered a ‘side hobby’ of hers, until now.

She had been filming ‘vlogs’ throughout her creative journey, documenting her life as a designer. This year it became her main focus, to develop her film portfolio and make it something she was proud of.

The work she does within film is brand, advertising and social media influenced, helping people establish themselves in another visual form that they may not have been able to do before. One of her first clients who asked her to film for them was Hard Grind Aberdeen. They’ve been essential to allow her to develop her practice as a film maker, and from there more experiences have arisen from that. Working with many dream clients from Grey City Tattoo Studio to Snap Digital Agency. 

The main focus for this year was to explore other aspects of film making, challenging herself to learn new styles and skills – widening her understanding of the film making process and allowing her to work on a more diverse range of projects. She has learnt so much and is excited to enter the industry with this new understanding of filmmaking

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