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Josie Kennedy

Josie Kennedy’s love for nature and the environment has had a lasting impact on both herself and the work she has produced.

This has led her to create projects in forth year focusing on human connection with nature. She wants to use her skills in design and illustration to build a stronger connection between children and the natural environment, visualizing the beauty and benefits of nature.

This year she has produced a portfolio which showcases a range of techniques and skills, creating projects which explore both traditional hand drawn and digital methods of illustration. Kennedy’s work includes book illustration, print and product design. Her ‘Let’s Grow Gardening Pack’ incorporates all of these elements and includes a hand drawn picture book, gardening guides and badges.

In another of Kennedy’s projects from forth year, “At the Fit of the Toon” she enjoyed discovering local heritage and own personal family history in Arbroath’s once thriving fishing community to produce an illustrated concertina book.

Kennedy enjoys incorporating elements of storytelling in her work, from creating her own stories or exploring how information can be told in an appealing and engaging way to the viewer.

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