Jenny Marie Devlin

The ancient story of the night skies as depicted through Greek myths and celestial maps have been a source of inspiration and imagery for the paintings of Jenny Devlin. She has predominantly drawn on the story of Cassiopeia’s vanity and how this resulted in her daughter Andromeda being sacrificed to the sea monster Cetus, to appease the god Poseidon.

Utilising sun light, this being another celestial element, drew Devlin to explore and develop a number of cyanotypes. The story of Cassiopeia can be read across the surfaces of these heavily embroidered celestial maps. Through their manipulation by multimedia processes, Devlin seeks to emphasise the characters and tell the story through colour-symbolised stitching and the manipulation of poured paint.

Within these complex paintings, Devlin shows a key interest in humanity’s link to the stars and how we are the ones who created these characters and imagined their stories.

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