Three Dimensional Design

Hope Sinclair


RGU Art and Heritage 2020 Purchase Award Nominee

bp Deisgn Award Nominee

A flat packed light shade designed by Hope Sinclair for Ikea that the user can assemble at home, almost like a mini project. This light shade is made up of hubs and sticks that are multiplied and slotted together to create 4 layers. The pieces can be easily slotted together to create the shade, no tools, screws, pins or any other aid is needed to assemble this light shade.

Made from Stone Paper this light shade is durable and will not tear during the assembly process. This design can change the experience of an environment or space that it is placed within due to the shadows that it produces. Due to the light shades neutral colour scheme, the shade would be a great accessory to any room as it is simple but effective.

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