Communication Design

Holly Callaghan


RGU Art and Heritage 2020 Purchase Award Nominee

bp Design Award Nominee

Holly Callaghan is a Graphic Designer whose work focusses on branding, typography and printmaking. Throughout her studies, Holly has nurtured her skills in design, utilised varied mediums and has become proficient in screen, lino and mono printing.

In her final year of study, Callaghan has defined her aesthetic by developing a platform to work as a creative hub and support network for herself and fellow graduates.

As an emerging designer, Callaghan is aware there are multiple avenues to pursue after graduation, such as agency work, exploring freelance opportunities and applying one’s experiences and skills to other industries. To ease pressure on graduates entering the design industry, she wanted to provide a platform for her peers to showcase their potential. A centralised creative hub to support new designers in their ventures post-university.

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