Fashion and Textile Design

Emma Grieshaber


RGU Art and Heritage 2020 Purchase Award Nominee

bp Design Award Nominee

This space contains flashing lights/images.

PULL TO INFLATE is a 10- look collection consisting of three themes – Inflatable, Tudor and Parachutes.

Emma Grieshaber’s final collection originated by exploring shape and volume obtained from vintage parachutes. In the photography studio, she draped puffa jackets, duvets and large voluminous materials on the figure to create oversized, obscure silhouettes. This inspired her to work backwards and draw the potential garment derived from each photographic image. This process was the catalyst that helped further her design process.

The subsequent challenge for Grieshaber was to translate the conceptual to the practical by investigating materials and valves that could be inflated and hold voluminous shapes without deflating. Once the early research photographs were accumulated and resembled the silhouettes seen within Elizabethan costume, visualisation began. Period costume research from the V&A was a pivotal moment in the development of her collection. The V&A collection enabled Grieshaber to link these different strands of research together.

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