Communication Design

Eilidh Coulthard McArthur

Throughout her time at University, Eilidh McArthur has enjoyed exploring the different disciplines of Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography, being able to learn about all of these, allowed her to expand her knowledge and her discipline, as she mainly works in Graphic Design, and Illustration, often combining the two.

McArthur is often inspired by nature and typography, and influenced by the drive to be eco-friendlier and use less plastic, as there is no Planet B.

For her Honours year, she has researched a lot into Paper, and discovered how sustainable the paper industry in Europe is, so her main project is focused on creating paper packaging for products that otherwise would be sold in plastic yet being innovative and eye-catching in design. While also creating animations, and expanding her design and illustrative styles, with other projects, such as creating a Google Doodle.

She looks forward to what the future has to offer and cannot wait to expand her knowledge further.

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