Communication Design

Craig Eccles

For Craig Eccles’ final year of studies, he decided to use the opportunity to produce work that can be used within a portfolio after leaving university. As such, he worked on several projects over the year that allowed the creation of designs based on specific areas of the design industry that were of interest; promotion, branding and advertising.

For two larger projects, he looked into how the design of something can have an impact on football fans with sensory issues, as well as how design can have a role within tourism. Having a chance to produce designs to solve a problem is something that drives Eccles’ work.

Alongside the two main projects, he worked on smaller briefs that featured live clients such as the Ayr & District Flower Show and through video and social media work as a client pitch for a Scottish football club design job. Both these projects have allowed him to expand his skillset through new equipment, software and communicating with the various clients, better preparing him for the future.

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