Charlotte Mary Miller

Charlotte Miller has a fascination with societies, in particular the relationship between a community and its industry. Her practice explores Aberdeen’s oil industry in the “boom town” period of the 1970’s, to the present period of decommissioning. Imagery has recently focused on the trace and time element of the oil platforms tangible self.

The oil industry in the North Sea, unlike our ancestors, will be taking its artefacts with it, sparking recent protests from Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace. Miller doesn’t debate these issues but highlighting the animals that make a home and thrive from the platform, morphing imagery of her time on the oil platform “Brae Bravo” where she witnessed the incredible scale of marine life. 

As Aberdeen’s community and culture evolve around their core industry, Miller captures its entropy in fluid layers. She flips the narrative of a gloomy oil platform in the North Sea, by using colours which normally have connotations of childish play.

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