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Celia Weatherley

As a wildlife and street photographer, Celia Weatherley has been exploring ways to showcase her work in a new art context, including exhibiting and designing photo books. Her main project focuses on Scotland’s wildlife, and within it is looking at different outcomes she can produce from her photography. She is exploring both digital and analogue, and a variety of mediums for printing on. Part of her research has involved comparing black and white images to colour and learning what works best for each process. She has looked at Sebastio Salgado’s book Genesis, which has striking wildlife images in black and white.

Through post processing her own wildlife photography into black and white she has developed an understanding of what might work in camera for such an image. Another part of this project will explore abstract styles of nature photography including long exposure, multiple exposures and digital art. For her street project she has been researching work by Matt Stuart and Bruno Quinquet. These two photographers have inspired her because much of their work does not feature people or at least recognisable faces. This ties in with her dissertation topic, which looks into the ethics of taking candid photos of strangers in public places.

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