Cameron Ross Durrant

“Perception is not always a reflection of reality”

Cameron Ross Durrant wanted to create his own abstract art through the medium of photography.  He is drawn towards artists such as Jackson Pollock and Ellsworth Kelley, and inspired by abstract photographers such as Uta Barth and Philip Barlow.

How we perceive the world around us is subject to our own interpretations of events, both in the past and the present.  Every person has varying life experiences and memories which colour how they interpret events and images.  Therefore, there is no wrong or right interpretation.  As a dyslexic, images resonate with Durrant much more than written words.  By showing his pictures in and out of focus he is demonstrating how he feels in a world where written “smarts” are often considered intellectually superior to physical skills.

Society has been conditioned to expect a photograph to depict clean, clear lines and images.  By showing images in partial clarity he is depicting the struggle to understand clearly, and highlighting the differences in everyone’s perception or understanding of ‘reality’.

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