Communication Design

Ben Cunningham

Within his studio practice for honours year, Ben Cunningham has decided to set his outputs based on areas of industry he wanted his portfolio to target. With an interest in branding, marketing and advertising. He would pursue this by aligning his studio work with these themes.

He likes to strip back brand identities and try and silence the crowd with a single-minded position on simplicity. One of his main projects this year focuses on launching a beer for a restaurant entering its new brand identity within a new market.

Sport is also a key subject of interest to him, and how design and digital outputs can create fan interaction as well as it influences on sport.

His smaller project featured a live client for a Scottish Football club. This allowed him to broaden his skillset using new mediums, software and learning how to prepare a client presentation, with these strung together he hopes to create a body of work that prepares himself for industry.

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