Fashion and Textile Design

Bekki Logue-Reid

This year’s project has been an investigation into the materiality of D.I.Y. products and the cultural and social representation of D.I.Y. through research into the goth, the punk and the military. A word bank has been evolved throughout the project to inform reaction and reflection as a way of studying the language that surrounds these themes in society as well as the physical processes of mixed media textiles.

As a process led investigation, the development was heavily experimental. Through making and reflecting on the considered language of the word bank, developments have led to a collection of textiles that have been manipulated through various processes of knit, print, embellishment, hand craft and embroidery. The aim for this project was to take the base material of the D.I.Y. product and apply these techniques and processes to elevate the textile to take on a luxury presence.

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