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Alicja Trepka

Alicja Trepka is a photographer, who has turned her lens at the environmental devastation, pollution and the displacement of our civilization’s priorities.

Being enmeshed in mass-consuming, progress-oriented culture she feels a certain obligation to acknowledge and articulate our neglect of nature.

In her photographs, she captures scenes that are upsetting and often overlooked in our day-to-day activities. These are places we pass frequently, our neighbourhoods and places of recreation. By highlighting the effects of littering on these locations, she aims to make the audience uncomfortable, as if silently judging their deeds. The added slogans are there to encourage reflection and plead to take responsibility for one’s actions.

In the world filled with distractions, she feels the viewer is to be constantly reminded of issues requiring our attention. The role of the artist is to keep looking for a voice to fill the certain silence. With ever-growing desensitisation, the tone needs to be gradually intensified in order to make an impact.

“We’ll share this story because from knowing comes caring, from caring comes change.”
(Dr Sylvia Earle)

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