Fashion and Textile Design

Alexander Allan

At the start of 4th year, Alexander Allan focused primarily on drawing inspiration from nudibranches: brightly coloured sea slugs who live in coral reefs. They were inspired by their unique form and colouring as each species is incredibly different to one another and was a great source of inspiration. They explored embroidery through semester one and was very much invested in form and colour.

By the time the second semester started they had ultimately decided to move on from embroidery and switched to crochet instead to create the 3D structures you see in this exhibition.

Initially, Allan was still working with vivid colours but ultimately decided that the main focus of their work needed to remain on the forms and structures they were creating and they thought that the colour scheme was too distracting and drew attention away from that. Therefore their final collection was done in a completely black and white colour scheme, allowing the form to speak for itself.

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